An invitation!  - Invitación – Invitation - Einladung
Students who have completed their education at an Institute of Technology and acquired a second language en route are the best models for demonstrating the usefulness of multilingualism. Would you like your story to be included on this page to help showcase what advantages a second language has afforded you in your career or in the career of a student you have taught?

To the teacher
Have you taught anyone whose post-institute career has been enhanced by their knowledge of a second language? Most teachers can easily call to mind students they have had in the past who could serve as an inspiration to their current classes. Does anyone come to mind for you? If you ask their permission to be featured on this page, that inspiration could be spread over a much wider area!

To the student
Do you think that your experience as a post-graduate or in the world of work could help motivate other students starting out in the language learning process? We’d love to include your story on this page.

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CILT - Case studies and languages profiles


The European Language Label includes examples of learner profiles. All the booklets from the last few years are available on the ELL resources page


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