Tandem Language Learning

Face-to-face tandem language learning allows you to meet with a student of a different cultural background, anywhere, any time, at least 5 times per semester (usually Erasmus students). You learn his or her language while he or she learns your native language, and you find out about each other’s culture and interests. This is what students have said about the experience: ‘it was an efficient way to learn new vocabulary’, ‘It was beyond the facts you learn in school’, ‘you learn the kind of language that you can use’.

You can also learn with e-tandems. This is a partnership between you and another student in the target language country and you exchange e-mails in the two languages. This is different from the face-to-face experience as you can really focus on your writing and reading skills. Students have said that they researched the language they needed in advance to exchange ideas on topics of their choice and that their grammar and vocabulary improved.