Language Learning & Language Teaching Resources Links

A European approach to language teacher training with lots of resources: (Deutsch 3.0 - December 2014)

CILT - a separate website with resources for languages linked to vocational areas

The Post-Primary Languages Initiative
Resources about  Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Russian.

Enterprise Ireland

Link to an article (page 12) by Enterprise Ireland about "Could a lack of language skills damage Irish exports? As the products and services from Ireland’s indigenous sector became increasingly sophisticated in the past decade,foreign language capability and cultural awareness has declined."

Please have a look at the Enterprise Ireland presentation. It includes some interesting facts.

Enterpise Ireland Powerpoint


ICT Ireland (Leadership in Information and Communications Technology) and the ISA (Irish Software Association)
This survey takes a snapshot of foreign language requirements in the high-tech industry and identifies some of the key challenges, priorities and growth areas of employers with regard to language skills.

The need for language skills in the high-tech sector

newspapers (Irish Times: Language gap is latest threat to jobs) (Irish students lost in translation)