Learning a language provides you with a perfect opportunity to travel and spend an extended period of time in the target language country. This could take the form of a study abroad period, work placement abroad, a student exchange programme or even participating in a language course in the host country of your choice.

Immersing yourself in the target culture and spending time abroad is the best way to improve your language skills and work towards proficiency. It’s also a really enjoyable way to improve your fluency levels, meet new people and familiarise yourself with the new culture. A whole new world opens up to us when we can speak another language. We are able to develop a better understanding and knowledge of other cultures and the diversity of the world we live in. Our perspectives change and we begin to see and understand our own language and culture in a new way.

This publication includes different viewpoints on virtual mobility and collects descriptions of best practice cases and projects that have been presented during the Move-IT events and which can be a source of inspiration for everyone who is considering engaging in organising virtual mobility activities.