Creativity and language learning

Creativity is seen as the cornerstone on which global society in the 21st century will be founded. Did you know that a number of personality traits are shared by creative individuals and plurilinguals? These include metaphorical thinking, tolerance of ambiguity, openness to experience, flexible thinking, and decision-making. Moreover, creativity emerges from individuals’ broader perception of the world; such individuals include high level plurilinguals. Therefore, no domain is better placed than that of language learning to broaden your  experiences and perceptual field. The variety of approaches, opportunities and assessment tools that have emerged include plurilingualism, CLIL, tandem language learning (face-to-face and virtual), European programmes, the use of technology, portfolio, etc. However, creativity and language learning are processes (as opposed to products). Early learning of languages and continued use of these languages, as well as exposure to enriched learning and working environments are essential in order to increase your potential to be creative.

NYTimes article on the benefits of bilingualism: